Chris Strik began tattooing in 2009 after securing an apprenticeship at a local Brisbane Tattoo shop. After four years of tattooing locally, he moved abroad to Toronto, Canada with the intention of travelling, expanding his knowledge of art, and further developing his portfolio. While in Toronto he worked at Adrenaline Tattoo, an experience which allowed him to work with dynamic tattooers and grow artistically. 

Following Canada, Chris travelled to London where he had the privilege of working at Jayne Doe in Essex. For the next two years, he split his time between England, the United States, and Europe taking on a number of guest spots at distinguished tattoo studios. 

Chris has since returned home to Brisbane and is now working out of Shinko Tattoo in Albion. His preferred style is illustrative and neo-traditional. If you would like to get in touch with him, please visit the contact page.